Case Studies

Do you have a great product and paying customers who love your product?

But you get most of your sales from referrals and word of mouth?

Tried cold outbound but gotten no responses or your domain blocked for spam?

Venu AI is a combination of sales and community building strategy built over 10 years of experience and the world's first and most niche-focused AI built by community builders for community builders.

Learn how these founders used Venu AI to create a sales outbound process with 40% response rate and 30 sales calls in 30 days, build trust with sales leads via community building, and got a self-sustaining sales top of funnel in 90 days.

40% response rate. 30 sales calls in 30 days.

Using Venu AI's proven community building sales strategy and AI to send meticulously personalized, psychology-driven outreaches across multiple touch points, Telivy and Swif achieved 40% response rate for cold leads, 50% response rate for warm conference and webinar leads, 31 sales calls in 30 days, 10 paying customers won in 30 days, and 100 community members added 30 days with podcasts, webinars, and conferences.

Build trust. Build community.

With Venu AI, Telivy and Swif hosted podcasts interviews and events, generated educational content, built a community around bringing businesses together to share knowledge and partnership opportunities, and built trust, brand, and working relationships within their community of sales leads, customers, partners, and ultimately champions of their company.

Not only does trust building and community building benefit sales, but it is a key driver of product-market-fit. With Venu AI's community building approach, Telivy and Swif built trust with sales leads, customers, and partners, creating a space and feedback loop from customers to engineering teams, accelerating them to product-market-fit.

Self-sustaining outbound & inbound

With Venu AI, Telivy and Swif continued to grow their community and book sales calls every week, add value and build trust via educational content and networking events, build a self-sustaining and effective outbound with community building, and exponentially grow inbound with brand awareness, shared content, and champions from the community.

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