Y Combinator (YC), a tech startup accelerator is renown for its ability to nurture and propel promising startups into the limelight of success. However, even YC recognized the need to evolve and embrace new technologies to stay at the forefront of the startup ecosystem.

          That's where Venu, a YC company itself, entered the scene. Venu had a unique advantage—an extensive network of venture capitalists and a deep understanding of the startup landscape. Leveraging their expertise, Venu saw an opportunity to revolutionize the way conferences were conducted. They envisioned a convergence of marketing, virtual reality (VR), and conferences that would bridge the gap between reality and the digital realm.

Our Solution

          As part of their collaboration, Venu and Y Combinator organized the world's first hybrid conference—a groundbreaking event that combined both in-person and virtual reality experiences. The conference commenced with the highly anticipated demo days, where startup founders took the stage for lightning rounds. In just 30 seconds, each founder had the opportunity to present their company and its objectives to the audience. It was a whirlwind of pitches, excitement, and entrepreneurial spirit. Featured investors included Hina Dixit, VC at SamsungNEXT, Jared Friedman, Group Partner at Y Combinator, Anna Consani, Head of Community at Goodwater Capital.

          But Venu didn't stop there. They understood that networking was a vital component of any conference, Venu provided virtual breakout rooms where attendees could closely connect and interact with one another. The barriers of distance and time zones melted away as investors, partners, and startup founders engaged in meaningful conversations and forged valuable connections.

          The hybrid conference's most innovative aspect was the featured portal—a gateway that connected the worlds of in-person and virtual reality attendees. For those physically present at the in-person conference in San Francisco, they could observe the virtual visitors on a large TV screen. Simultaneously, the VR participants could witness the activities of the in-person attendees through a camera feed. It was a mesmerizing sight, a convergence of two realities that had previously seemed separate.

          Venu's hybrid conference broke down barriers and created a sense of unity among attendees, regardless of their physical or virtual presence. It was an embodiment of their vision—to bridge the gap between reality and virtual reality, connecting people from all corners of the globe and fostering collaboration in the startup ecosystem.


          The conference proved to be a resounding success. Investors and partners flocked to the event, drawn by the innovative format and the potential for valuable connections. Venu's ability to seamlessly integrate in-person and virtual experiences propelled them to the forefront of the conference landscape, solidifying their position as pioneers in the world of marketing, VR, and conferences.

          In conclusion, the collaboration between Venu and Y Combinator showcased the transformative power of hybrid conferences. By merging in-person and virtual reality elements, Venu created an immersive and engaging experience that transcended physical boundaries. Their innovative portal served as a symbol of unity, connecting individuals from different realities and fostering meaningful interactions. With Venu's visionary approach, the future of conferences and networking was forever changed, ushering in a new era of collaboration and possibility.

"Venu is the best virtual conference platform we've seen so far. It's been really exciting getting to use them for events for the batch."

Jared Fiedman

Group Partner, Y Combinator

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