In the ever-evolving realm of hiring platforms for startups, Hirect was eager to attract new customers to their platform, but they had never hosted events before. Recognizing the need to step up their game and make a significant impact in the market, Hirect set out on a quest to find a solution.

          Their objective was crystal clear: host an event that would not only attract customers, but also showcase their platform as the go-to choice for startups seeking top talent. It was a daunting task, but Hirect was determined to rise above the competition and make a lasting impression.

Why Us?

          Enter Venu. As a company that had started out as a VR gaming company that had gone through its own share of experiences hosting conferences to attract sales, investors, and promote themselves to mutual customers. Rather than the traditional sales call, they realized conferences were much more effective and engaging, and created a win-win situation for them and their partners.

          Thus, Venu's expertise and past experience made them the perfect partner for Hirect. They already had the connections to tap into communities, and their current service, VR metaverse events, could create engaging virtual experiences to deliver results. In addition to reaching out to potential customers, Venu extended invitations to their own past customers and partners, creating a dynamic mix of participants at the career fair.

          Venu also understood the importance of aligning the event with Hirect's target audience—founders who were looking to hire. Leveraging their event production services, Venu designed the virtual career fair to cater specifically to the needs and challenges faced by these founders, including researching the best potential customers and designing a clickable link feature to allow attendees to quickly access hiring information and forms.

Our Solution

          With Venu's guidance, Hirect successfully hosted their first virtual career fair, attracting an impressive 400 to 600 participants, with featured keynote speaker Joel Broody, Head of Recruiting at Brex, the Y Combinator backed unicorn startup. The transition from in-person events to Venu's virtual reality platform proved to be a game-changer for Hirect. Not only was it faster and cheaper, but it also reduced the timeline from six months to just six weeks.

           The VR solution allowed Hirect to utilize their marketing budget and customer acquisition costs wisely, redirecting them towards enticing incentives for attendees, such as offering to ship an Oculus VR headset to anyone who signed up on Hirect's platform, instead of investing in generic ads, etc. Venu also focused on connecting registered attendees with hirers immediately upon registration, to make the most of both their and the participants' time.

          During the virtual career fair, participants had access to profiles, resumes, and the ability to click on nametags and company booths to obtain information. The most unique selling points was Venu's feature of seamlessly integrating clickable links within the VR world. This allowed users to exchange resumes and apply directly on company websites with incredible ease, all within the virtual environment. Thanks to Venu's specialization in enterprise purposes, the application process became incredibly streamlined and convenient.

"Venu has been integral to Hirect's brand awareness and customer acquisition strategy and brought early-stage founders together.

Vishal Kolar

Director of Event Marketing, Hirect


          The results were beyond Hirect's wildest dreams. In just six weeks, with Venu's support, they secured 50 new customers. It was a resounding success that far exceeded their expectations. Recognizing the immense value Venu brought to the table, Hirect made the wise decision to sign up for an unlimited subscription to continue harnessing Venu's powerful virtual reality platform. Their satisfaction with the effortless and seamless experience left Hirect was ecstatic with the outcome, and the successful event laid the foundation for many more fruitful collaborations with Venu in the future.

          In conclusion, the partnership between Hirect and Venu exemplifies the transformative power of virtual reality in marketing and conferences. By harnessing the immersive capabilities of Venu's platform, Hirect was able to attract customers, establish their platform as a leading choice in the market, and accelerate their growth. The virtual career fair proved to be a game-changer, providing easy access, seamless interactions, and outstanding results. With Venu as their trusted partner, Hirect was well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape of hiring platforms and continue their journey towards success.

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