Masi Media is a company composed of a group of African women who face persecution by their own government and are prohibited from publicly gathering. However, their desire to bring people together and celebrate art, culture, and knowledge burned bright within their hearts.

          Masi Media sought a solution that would provide them with the freedom and safety to create immersive experiences beyond the constraints of their physical reality. That's when they discovered Venu, a metaverse powered by virtual reality (VR) technology. It was a game-changer that offered them a way to host events without fear of any interference.

Our Solution

          Excitement filled the air as Masi Media envisioned a grand festival, a gathering where people could walk around, explore art exhibits, enjoy concerts, attend talks and panels, and interact with captivating art pieces. With Venu's VR platform, they could create an otherworldly experience that transcended the limitations imposed by their government.

          In their virtual festival, Masi Media envisioned floating gods, a meditation room nestled within a nebula, and levitating stones that added an ethereal touch. The ambiance was set with soothing background music, transporting participants to a realm where imagination knew no bounds.

          The beauty of Venu's platform was that it catered to customers like Masi Media, who focused on hosting customer-centric events rather than business-to-business affairs. Venu spared no effort in ensuring that everyone could attend, even considering the internet connectivity challenges prevalent in Africa, where many attendees were connecting from. Venu's careful consideration made sure participants could easily reconnect in the case of an internet outage. The download size was small, minimizing wait times, and allowing participants to quickly resume their immersive experience.

          The power of customization became the highlight of Masi Media's event. Venu's platform allowed them to design virtual environments that would leave a lasting impression. Each element was meticulously crafted, creating an immersive experience that felt like a living work of art. Masi Media knew that the pictures would speak volumes, capturing the essence of their virtual festival and enticing participants to join in the celebration of African culture.


          The success of their first virtual festival cemented Masi Media's belief in Venu's platform. Recognizing the immense value it brought to their events, they became an annual subscriber. With each subsequent event, Venu's creative director worked closely with Masi Media, designing unique virtual environments that unleashed their creativity. In the VR realm, they were released from the physical constraints of building size, visibility, walls, and limited space. Masi Media could create immersive worlds where theier visions could hit no limits.

          In conclusion, the partnership between Masi Media and Venu showcased the transformative power of virtual reality in marketing and events. By harnessing Venu's metaverse, Masi Media overcame the restrictions imposed by their government and brought their vision to life. The virtual festival became a beacon of freedom and creativity, celebrating African art, culture, and knowledge in a realm without boundaries. With Venu's unwavering support, Masi Media carved a path towards a brighter future, where virtual events provided a sanctuary for expression and togetherness.

"Venu built a world that far exceeded our expectations. Attendees were delighted by customizations that made our event personal."

Malaka Grant

CEO, Masi Media

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